Morocco, become one of the most amazing countries of the world and a visit to Morocco can’t be complete without visiting the Sahara desert. Riding camels and spending the night under the stars is a most do while you are visiting the desert.

Morocco Camel Trekking Tours

Crossing the dunes by camels through the Sahara Desert is a lifetime experience that you most do while you are in Morocco. Imagine yourself on the top of the sand dune and all you hear is the camel’s footsteps under a vast and clear sky, Blue during the day time and at night filled with millions of shiny stars. very peaceful experience and a journey well worth the effort in which you will have fond memories to last you forever. This Morocco camel trekking tour includs kasbahs, orange sand dunes, lush, fertile oases, and serrated mountain summits fill the vistas. With the grand solitude and silence of the Sahara, and nights spent under nomadic tents, you’ll feel the mysterious power that the desert has always had over the human soul.

Morocco camel trekking

Morocco Camel Trekking in Merzouga Desert

If you had to choose a special destination that embody the real Morocco camel trekking it would be definitely the Sahara desert. Its images of charming desert oases, vast unending sands, and of course the sheltering sky. If any visitor of Morocco really wants to lose themselves and get away from it all, there is no more extreme way to do so than to set off across the great desert.

Morocco camel trekking for 1 night in Sahara desert

Sinset in desert

Sunset in Merzouga Desert

We have a camel trekking tour starting from Merzouga into the Erg chebbi sand dunes for an overnight in the camp (nomad tents). This tour includes camel trekking for 1:30 mins in the dunes, sunset, sand boarding, dinner and Berber drum music at the camp, the next day you’ll ride the camels back to our hotel after watching the sunrise, breakfast and shower will be at our hotel. The price of this tour is 35 euros per person, you can get more details on one night Merzouga camel trekking page.

Morocco camel trekking for 2 nights in desert

Sunrise in desert

Sunrise in Desert

The camel trekking for 2 nights in Erg chebbi desert starts from Merzouga around 16:00, you’ll ride the camels in the sand dunes for 1:30 mins, watch the sunset in the dunes, then continue to spend the first night in a nomad camp, dinner and Berber drum music (and campfire in winter) then relax to wake up early next morning for the sunrise. After the sunrise you’ll have breakfast at the camp, then start the journey towards the nomad families where you’ll have lunch with nomads or on a shadow of desert tree. You can get more details on two nights Merzouga camel trekking page.

Morocco camel trekking tours start from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca or anywhere in Morocco.

We have tours that start from different cities in Morocco to the desert for Morocco camel trekking and nights in a nomad camp in the dunes, we can start a 1 to 30 day tour from any city in Morocco, visiting the imperial cities, atlas mountains and desert where you’ll ride the camels for the overnight camp, our tours and customized, so for more information check our Morocco tours page or contact us.