Generally, Morocco’s climate is moderate and subtropical, cooled by breezes off the Atlantic and Mediterranean. In the interior the temperatures are more extreme, winters can be fairly cold and the summers very hot. In fact, the further you go from the ocean the more extreme winter and summer temperatures become.

Morocco is often referred to as a cold country with a hot sun. The Best Time to visit / for Morocco tours is spring and fall which comes late by European standards (around April and May), is perhaps the best overall time, with a summer climate in the south and in the mountains, as well as on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. Winter can be perfect by day in the south, though desert nights can get very cold – a major consideration if you’re staying in the cheaper hotels, which rarely have heating. If you’re planning to hike in the mountains, it’s best to keep to the months from April to October unless you have some experience of snow conditions.

The best time to visit Morocco depends a little on what you plan to do and see while there. If you want to see a selection of main attractions like Marrakech or Fes, then the best time to go is April to early June, and September through November. The climate is mild and the number of tourists are lower. However, you do then miss some of the excellent cultural festivals that take place during the busy summer months.